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Data Dealer: A computer game to enhance privacy literacy. From Norma's review of the demo version we learn that he game is instructional, although it has a rather cynical undertone. It can nevertheless be used to start discussions about this topic. Furthermore, one may use it reflexively to talk about surveillance activism.

The Privacy Game: A card game about online privacy to support discussion and teaching. Each player takes on a secret character (for instance, a hacker or a bank) and takes part in a trade in personal information. It was developed by the Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME) project and can be downloaded and printed from their website.

The Spy Files: an informative and interactive map that allows students to examine where and how internet and phone surveillance companies monitor telecommunication. It can also be used to start a discussion about counter-surveillance and resistance, as it is set up by Wikileaks, in cooperation with several newspapers and organisations for investigative journalism.

SurPRISE documentary films: Smart CCTV, Smartphone Location Tracking (SLT) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Three seven-minute films produced by the SurPRISE (Surveillance, Privacy, Security) Framework 7 project, which is an EU-funded research project. They were designed to help the lay person understand various surveillance practices, their benefits and downsides. The films have been subtitled and dubbed in different languages. They can be used for teaching and education about surveillance or to kick off a discussion about surveillance as a topic of public discussion and decision making. The project has also produced interesting footage of discussions about surveillance at citizen summits in Europe.

Not surveillance-specific, but inspirational


Sociology teaching resources at The Society Pages: a sociology blog from the University of Minnesota

The Sociological Cinema: a large repository of videos that can be used in social science courses

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