Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ethnographies of Exposure

This call made me think of Kirstie Balls concept of "exposure" as a way to link subjectivities to surveillance processes. Although the call isn't targeted at surveillance, I think there are striking similarities between what they're interested in, and what we discussed with Kirstie at the CRISP doctoral school (vulnerability, embodiment, subject/object, insides/outsides). If I could, I'd go. Here and here are links to Kirstie's papers on exposure. And here's the call for the AAA exposure session:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Surveillance @ 4S Conference, San Diego

The 4S Conference in San Diego is slowly coming up, and there are some panels which are very interesting for surveillance scholars. Our friend Göde organizes a session on machine learning, which might be interesting for those working on algorithmic surveillance. Then, there's another session explicitely dedicated to surveillance and big data, organized by Torin Monahan and Anders Albrechtslund. The deadlines unfortunately have already passed, but whoever is in the area might be interested in joining the discussion.

The conference will take place in San Diego, Oct 9--12. Here's the conference website and the other open sessions. And here are the abstracts on machine learning and surveillance & big data: