Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CfP: 3rd International LAVITS Symposium, Rio

With the nuisance of the world cup gone, one might finally decide to go to beautiful Rio again - so here's that matching call for that: 3rd International LAVITS Symposium on "Surveillance, Tecnopolitics, Territories", 13-15 May 2015
The deadline for submissions is rather convenient (15 November 2014), and here's a list of possible themes:
  • Big Data, surveillance and tecnopolitics
  • Surveillance, political protests and urban demonstrations
  • Mega events and surveillance
  • Web, Deep Web and Internet of Things: tracking and surveillance
  • Activism and counter surveillance: cryptography, hacktivism, tecnopolitics
  • Artistic practices and surveillance aesthetics
  • Work an surveillance
  • Body, affect and surveillance
  • Identification, biometry and surveillance
  • Smart City and Smart Surveillance
  • Mobile and wearable surveillance: drones, GPS, smartphones, integrated cameras etc.
  • Privacy, personal data and information control
  • Consumer surveillance
  • Self-monitoring technologies and control
  • Histories, memories and archives of surveillance
  • Regulating surveillance and data protection in Latin America
  • Snowden, NSA and mass surveillance: impacts in Latin America
  • Surveillance and military dictatorship in Latin America
  • Surveillance market in Latin America: public-private connections
  • Tecnopolitics and surveillance in Latin America: concepts, methodologies and case studies
  • Social Control, territory and surveillance in Latin America
All further information can be found here.

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