Friday, November 15, 2013

Help needed for cryptoparties // Berlin area

For those who are in the Berlin area and are interested in activism: Hauke Laging is looking for help to bring CryptoParties to the Technical and Free Universities in Berlin. Cryoptoparty is an international initiative to learn together how to use basic cryptographic tools; i.e. how to send and receive encrypted emails, or how to encrypt sensitive data on your hard drive. And because almost everything is more fun with beer, it's a party. Hence their motto: "Party like it's December 31st, 1983". If you're interested, contact Hauke at hauke [dot] laging [at] openpgp-schulungen [dot] de. And for those who aren't based in Berlin, but are interested in the concept of cryptoparties, here's the website and the link to their handbook.

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